Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vacation Tidbits

I hope that you forgive the fact that I have been MIA over the last few days, but we took a much needed vacation, and I "unplugged" for most of it. But, I'm back and ready to fill you in on the highlights (and lows) of our trip.

1. Next time I will gladly cut the trip a couple of days short, just to stay at a hotel that has a two room suite. My kids didn't quite understand the meaning of "bedtime" when we were all in the same room, and The Hubs and I didn't get to watch TV past 10pm, since the kids wouldn't go to sleep with it on. Sigh.

2. I will try to remember every time The Calm One said "That's amazing!", and "Remember when we _____ ?" about something that we did an hour before. I will try to remember the look on Princess Sassy Britches' face when she bottle fed a pygmy goat. I will try to remember how excited the kids were at every new place that we went, and that each place was worth every penny.

3. Perhaps we shouldn't be so reliant on GPS, as "Lola" decided to take us on the scenic route during several parts of our trip.

4. Next time I will try to run interference between the annoying worker at the gate of the sea lion show and The Hubs. I was pretty sure that The Hubs might knock the guy flat on his back if he made one more comment about how he "hoped that little guy didn't get all hyper because you're giving him M&Ms" or saying that PSB was a "runner" because she didn't want to stay in a one foot radius of me. (FTR, there wasn't anyone else around, and I had no problem letting her run out some energy since we were going to be sitting through a 30 minute animal show). Consider yourself lucky, my friend. You were closer to losing a few teeth than you know.

5. I will try to choose a hotel that has a better selection than McDonald's in its surrounding area. If I have to look at one more McD's drive thru sign, I just might puke.

6. I will be on the lookout for teenage drivers that don't pay attention and rear end us in the mall parking lot. Thank goodness for police officers that are perceptive enough to see that something has happened and pull over to check it out.

We were definitely all ready to be home by the end of the week, and I'm hoping that we can get back into some semblance of a normal schedule soon!


  1. We got a 2-room suite as a result of being bumped once. It was AWESOME. I actually booked on in KC for us to share with my parents. Put the baby to bed and you can still stay up later! :-) Love that option.

    I love #2. So sweet. And I hear you on the GPS - sometimes they are amazing, other times so stupid. I used the GPS on my phone a few weeks ago and it was pretty great. I may use that from now on.

    And #4...people say the dumbest things. Especially people without kids. I just hope I never said that stuff to anyone without realizing it!! :-)

  2. Oh, I just have to add to this because we were in a small room this weekend. The first night was not very good, so my husband got creative. We moved Isabella's pack and play into the bathroom. It fit perfectly on top of the bathtub, and we put some stuff in the tub for support and outside it to keep her from moving it around.

    The result - 2 awesome nights of sleep for all of us!! Unfortunately, once we add another kid to the mix, it won't be quite that easy. But it was great for this time! :-)

  3. That's a great idea of putting the pack & play in the bathroom. If we can't get a two room suite, we'll definitely have to wear them out all day so that bedtime goes smoother!